Plummer Family Park Frequently Asked Questions

Who determined the play restrictions for using the Plummer Family Park's courts (i.e. wearing masks, only 4 people per court)?

Per Governors mandate for Restore Illinois:  When social distancing cannot be kept, masks or face coverings must be worn.


The switching of players and 4 players at a time on a court are the Edwardsville Parks & Recreation Department's rule to make sure that they are doing their best at keeping social distancing and cross-contamination down. They want players to understand that things will not be normal for Phase 3 and that they are trying to do the best they can and open some things up for the Community with limitations.

Will these restrictions change; and if so, when?

The hope is that when Phase 4 arrives (late June or early July 2020) some restrictions will change. The Edwardsville Parks & Recreation Department cannot guarantee anything will change as they get information and direction from the State.

Will I always have to reserve a court to use one of the Plummer Family Park courts?

No. The reservations are a way to monitor and limit the number of people who congregate during the COVID-19 crisis. Once deemed safe, court reservations will not be required. You will be able to show up and play on an available court.

Do you have to be an Edwardsville resident to reserve the Plummer Family Park courts?

No, anyone can reserve a court as of now.

Do you have to be an Edwardsville resident to play on the Plummer Family Park courts?

No, anyone can play as long as they reserve the court online.

Will there be "open play" now at the Plummer Family Park courts?

No. The Edwardsville Parks & Recreation Department is only accepting and monitoring "individual" reservations (no groups) made through their online reservation system. They do not want people to mix with others at this time.

Instead of my reserving a court for a foursome, why can't the OMG Pickleball Club reserve the courts and we just show up to play?

The OMG Pickleball Club Steering Committee asked this question of the Edwardsville Parks & Recreation Department, and we were told that at this time the OMG Pickleball Club cannot reserve courts and then just have people show up to play. The reason is that this would create a situation whereby people would congregate waiting to get on a court. Individual reservations allow for a more crowd controlled environment, promoting social distancing.

Will there be an "open play" schedule at the other parks like the Glen Carbon Miner Park or the Edwardsville Township Park?

The OMG Pickleball Steering Committee will not schedule evening open play at Miner Park at this time. We were informed by The Village of Glen Carbon that they are not accepting court reservations during Phase 3 of the Restore Illinois Plan. This decision is in part due to the COVID-19 crisis and in part due to the extreme usage of the courts—both for pickleball and tennis. Therefore, at this time our Club cannot schedule organized play at the facility. You can, though, play on the Miner Park courts on a first-come, first-serve basis—getting your foursome or group together to play on your own. If you play on the courts, there is a 10-person limitation—that is 10 people total on all four courts. Click here to view the website for the full news release regarding the restrictions at Miner Park during Phase 3. You can use the OMG Pickleball Club’s nets that are stored at the Glen Carbon American Legion in the same location as last year. You will provide your own balls.

The Edwardsville Township Park's tennis courts remain closed at this time.

Do I have to wear a mask when playing at the Plummer Family Park courts?

Doubles players will be required to wear masks or face coverings while playing unless:

  • They live together and will play on the same side of the court without switching sides.

  • They have a medical condition.


Singles players are not required to wear a mask.

Can I switch courts and play with other people on another court?

No. All reservations have to stay on the court that they booked. This helps with social distancing and cross-contamination with equipment.

How do I know who to contact for my foursome?

Basically, you must manage getting your foursome together. If you want to invite OMG Club members to play, go to the Members Contact webpage on the OMG Pickleball Club's website to view a list of members and their contact information. You must be an OMG Pickleball Club paid member to access this webpage. If you are a member and have forgotten the password, send an email to any one of the OMG Pickleball Club Steering Committee members. Please do not share this password with others who are not OMG Pickleball Club paid members.

Does everyone in my foursome need to reserve the court through the online reservation system?

No, only one person can reserve the same court during the same time slot. Determine who in your foursome will be the one who reserves the court online. It is recommended that you get your foursome together before you make the court reservation.

How early and how late in the day can I play at the Plummer Family Park?

During the COVID-19 crisis, the first available time slot starts at 8 am. The latest reservation time is until 8:00 pm. The gates onto the court will be locked. After the crisis has passed, the court gates will not be locked, and you will be able to play from dawn to dusk. 

How do I reserve a court at the Plummer Family Park? (Click here to go to the reservation site.)

Click here to view instructions on how to reserve a court. 

Can I call the Edwardsville Parks & Recreation Department to reserve a court, or do I have to use their online reservation system?

You should not call. You must use the online system for all reservations. If you are having problems, then contact the Parks & Recreation Department.

How do I cancel a court reservation?

Send an email to to cancel a reservation. This ensures that your cancellation is quickly processed. 

If my reserved time slot is open and there is no other reservation, can I keep playing on that court or switch to another vacant court?

No. Everyone must stick to their reservation time and reserved court.

Will balls be provided, or do I need to bring my own?

During Phase 3 of the Restore Illinois Plan, the OMG Pickleball Club will not provide balls for play, so you should bring your own. This decision was made for safety reasons in order to cut down on cross-contamination. This approach allows people to clean the balls in a manner that makes them feel comfortable. There is currently a special deal in June for Gamma pickleballs. To get the price of 40% off (or $1 per ball), you must purchase 60 balls. If you go in with others, it is a great deal, one that is hard to beat. Click here to view the website. Use the Promo Code SUMMERFUN20 at check out to secure the discounted price. After you apply the promo code, the price goes down from $99.99 to $59.99.

Will hand sanitizer and towels to clean the balls be provided, or do I need to bring my own?

No, these items will not be provided. Bring your own. The Edwardsville Parks & Recreation Department will clean all door handles and high traffic areas frequently throughout the day.