OMG Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me about the OMG Pickleball Club?

Click here to learn more about our Club.

Tell me about OMG membership.

Click here to view more information on OMG membership.

What is the OMG Steering Committee?

Click here to learn more about the OMG Steering Committee.

Where and when does OMG play pickleball?

Click here to view the play locations and times.

What do I need to get started playing pickleball with OMG?

Wear comfortable athletic clothing and tennis shoes. Bring a paddle and a smile. Balls are furnished by the OMG Club. Portable pickleball nets are made available by individual OMG members. In some instances, a paddle may be available for your use.

How is pickleball played?

Click here to learn how to play the game.

Where can I buy paddles and other pickleball equipment?

Click here to view paddles and other equipment for sale by OMG members. Click here to view other resources for purchasing paddles and equipment.  

Are pickleball lessons available?

Click here to view the current lesson schedule. 

Are there learning aids available to help me become a better player?

Yes. Click here to access a list of learning aid options.

I am interested in playing in pickleball tournaments. How do I learn more about what tournaments are available?

Click here to learn about local and national tournaments.