OMG Play Specifics Per Location

The last date of OMG's open play schedule at the Plummer Family Park is Sunday, November 8th. 

You can continue to play on the courts. As colder weather approaches, the Parks & Recreation Department will take down the nets. If the weather is not too bad, a couple of the nets may stay up.

OMG will resume its open play schedule in April 2021.

Plummer Family Park (3449 Sport Park Drive, Edwardsville, IL 62025)

This information is subject to change based upon the state's COVID status. 


Effective October 19th, 2020, non-members can play. 


Open Play:  Pricing for Open Play (those dates/times listed on our website schedule:  Full Privilege members = no charge. Basic members = $5. Non-members = $10. If you have a previously purchased punch card, you can still use that card, and the new price will be applied when you purchase a new punch card.

Private Play:  The YMCA is allowing people to schedule a court or courts on Tuesdays and Thursdays for private play from 9 am-2:30 pm. Pricing for Private Play:  Full Privilege and Basic members = $5. Non-members = $10. Reservations for private play can only be made by a YMCA member. Call the YMCA at (618) 655-1460 to reserve a court or courts.


The maximum capacity is 50 players. Five courts on the skate rink are available. The gym is not available.


Check in at the main lobby desk.  You will get your temperature checked. Everyone is required to wear a mask except when playing. When you are waiting to play, you should wear a mask.

In the past, people would say they wanted to check to see if anyone else was playing before he/she got their card punched.  The Y noticed that many of these times, people did not come back to get their card punched. The new procedure now requires that you get your card punched first; and then if no one shows up, the Y will issue you a new punch card.

Click here to view the Y's Rotation of Play guidelines. (These guidelines were created by the YMCA.)


Click here to access the OMG Calendar of Events (the play schedule).

Meyer Center YMCA (7348 Goshen Road, Edwardsville, IL 62025)

Tri-Township Activity Center (284 Riggin Road, Troy, IL, 62294) 

This information is subject to change based upon the state's COVID status. 


Indoor play starts November 1st, 2020.

Pricing:  $5 for each 2-hour session.

The maximum capacity is 50 players. Four courts are available.


With extra mitigations being lifted on October 9th, the Activity Center no longer needs to take advance registration. They are, though, offering it for those who would like to pre-register. Pre-registration can begin now.


Click here to access the Registration Guide which outlines how to pre-register.

You can either pay when you arrive or pay when you register in advance.

Masks are required except when playing or eating/drinking. When sitting out between games, the masks should be worn.

If you wish to reserve a court or courts for private play during the daytime hours, contact Jessica Jader at or by calling 618-667-6887. to check on availability. Evening times are not available due to other activities at the skate rink. The costs for private play are:


  • One court:  $15 per hour ($30 for two hours)

  • Two + courts:  $12 per hour per court ($24 for two hours). If two separate groups rent the courts at the same time, the cost would be $12 each per hour even though they're both renting only one court).

Click here to access the OMG Calendar of Events (the open play schedule).