Play Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How do I know which skill level court I should play on?

Consider rating your skills. To self-rate yourself, click here to review the OMG Pickleball Club's Self-rating Assessment Guide to determine your skill level. Then click here to complete the form to designate your self-rated two-digit skill level. The skill criteria to self-rate is the same criteria that is used in the IPTPA rating sessions.

2.  Can I play on a higher skill level court than what my skill level is?

Yes, you can play up if you ask the three people on the court permission to play. If they say you can play, be sure to hit balls to both opponents and do not target the weaker player. If you target, you probably will not be welcomed back. Also, if you find you cannot play at the higher skill level, stay away from the higher-level court until which time your skills improve. Click here to view the Tips for Playing Up & Down Quick Reference Guide.

3.  Can I play on a lesser skill level court than what my skill level is?

Yes, you can play on a lesser skill level court. First, ask the three players on the court if you can play. If you play, do not overpower the opponents. Be respectful that you are playing with lesser skilled players. Click here to view the Tips for Playing Up & Down Quick Reference Guide.

4.  What happens if there are only 1 to 3 players on a particular skill level court—not enough to play a game—yet there are people at a different skill level waiting to play?

We should all be good stewards of the sport. If this situation occurs, people waiting to play (regardless of their skill level) should jump in to play.

5.  It’s 7:30 am, and I am on a court that is not designated for my skill level. The other courts are empty. Why can’t I play on this court? 

While the courts may not be busy at the time you start your game, most players start arriving around 8 a.m. So very quickly, the court assignments could become mixed up if people are not on the correct court to begin with.

6.  How do I get into the Advanced Round Robin games that take place on Wednesday’s and Friday’s?

First, your skill level rating must be at a high 3.5 or 4.0+ before you will be able to play. If that is the case, contact Betty Sullentrup. Your name will be placed on the waiting list. 

7.  Can I get a Round Robin game set up for my skill level group?

Absolutely! Just schedule a court, get your players together, and find an organizer who will schedule the players. The Round Robin play rotation formats are located on our website. Just click on the Places to Play menu located at the top of our webpage, and then select Round Robin Play Schedule. There is a sign-in sheet as well as the rotation for 4 to 28 players.

8.  I want to get better at the game. How can I do it?

The best way to get better is to drill. You should drill half as much as you play. Unfortunately, the drill sessions that OMG was planning to schedule have been cancelled due to COVID-19. However, you can reserve Courts 9 through 12 and get your own drill group together. Betty Sullentrup can help get you started with the appropriate drills.


Also, ask the better players if they will schedule some games with you. Reserve a court, and get your foursome together. After the play, ask the better players for feedback. Be willing to accept their feedback, and then put a plan in place to improve your game

9.  I have some feedback for the Club. How can I get my feedback to the OMG Pickleball Club Steering Committee?

Click here to complete the Feedback Form. You can complete this form anonymously, if you wish, by leaving the name and email fields blank. Your feedback will be reviewed by the Steering Committee.

10.  Who do I contact if I have suggestions or wish to discuss any concerns?

If you have suggestions or experience issues with open play or anything else, you can complete the Feedback Form referenced in FAQ #9 above. Or you can contact one of the following OMG Pickleball Club Steering Committee members:  David ArcherBob BiarkisMary BorchersBarb DriesnerHorst DriesnerJim HarrissTom HewlettSteve HorrellSuelaine MatthewsLisa McDonaldDale MillerCindy Ostrander,  Jeanine Seymore, and Betty Sullentrup.