Ratings for Pickleball Play

What are pickleball ratings?

Player ratings are used to group players by ability levels so that players can compete in tournaments and other pickleball activities with players of similar ability. Ratings should improve a player’s chances of having a more competitive and fun match.

Types of ratings:

The OMG Pickleball Club endorses/supports three types of ratings:


  1. USA Pickleball Rating (UTPR): The USA Pickleball rating system is called UTPR. It is designed for players who compete in USA Pickleball sanctioned tournaments. The OMG Pickleball Club recognizes this rating system. People are assigned a four digit rating based upon their performance in tournament play. Statistics on tournament play are only calculated if the tournament is managed via Pickleballtournaments.com. Click here to go to the USA Pickleball's Tournament Players Rating webpage on the UTPR ratings.

  2. International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association (IPTPA) Rating:  Refer to the information below to learn about the IPTPA rating system. The OMG Pickleball Club endorses this rating system and even coordinates IPTPA rating assessment sessions for Club members. 

  3. Self-rating. If you do not have a USAPA rating or an IPTPA rating, it is possible for you to self-rate your skills. Self-rating yourself is not necessary if you have a USAPA or an IPTPA rating.

    To self-rate yourself, click
    here to review the OMG Pickleball Club's Self-rating Assessment Guide to determine your skill level. Then click here to complete the form to designate your self-rated two-digit skill level. The skill criteria to self-rate is the same criteria that is used in the IPTPA rating sessions. While the OMG Pickleball Club accepts self-ratings, the most effective and more objective way to rate your skills is to attend one of OMG's coordinated IPTPA rating sessions where a certified professional will rate your skills.

IPTPA Rating 

The IPTPA rating is a way for people who do not play in tournaments (and thus do not have a USAPA rating) to be rated. The IPTPA rating gives you a good idea about how your skills rank. You will be better prepared when ready to compete in tournaments in the appropriate skill level group. It also benefits the OMG Pickleball Club by allowing open play, ladder leagues, and other activities to be scheduled by skill level.

The cost breakdown per person for this rating session is:

  • $15 paid to IPTPA, application fee payable to the IPTPA prior to rating session date (more information later). This is the discounted rate given to our Club because of our IPTPA Membership.

  • $33 per player for two or three players tested at once or $45 per player for one person being tested. This fee will be paid to Desmond Hilton the day of the rating session via cash or check.

  • $3 for YMCA session charge.

  • Summary:  The total cost will be $51 per person if there are two or three people per session. The total cost will be $63 if there is only one person per session.


The $15 fee to IPTPA, as noted above, provides you with a three-year membership in the IPTPA. Within this three-year period, you can be rated as many times as you want for an additional cost of $33 if one person is rated per session or $45 if two or more people are rated per session (plus the $3 YMCA session fee).

Here are some advantages of attending an IPTPA rating session:

  • Eliminates inaccuracies of the self-assessment.

  • Has a consistent, standardized rating session format and result.

  • Is an internationally recognized rating program with a worldwide database.

  • Is objective with no favoritism or bias.

  • Eliminates a club volunteer rater of feeling pressure.

  • You are rated by a Certified Pickleball Teaching Professional (CPTP).

  • The CPTP will provide you with feedback and instruction on critical areas needing improvement in order to move to the next level.


For additional information about the IPTPA, click here to go to their website, and click here to access the IPTPA Ratings Frequently Asked Questions. If you have questions about the rating program, please email Tom Hewlett at thewlett@charter.net or call or text Tom at 618-830-8430.

If you are interested in being IPTPA rated, click
here. Complete the form, and then click the Submit button. You will then be contacted regarding next steps. Submitting the form, does not commit you to participating in the rating session, and the information you submit on the form is shared only with the OMG Pickleball Club Steering Committee (not shared with any outside sources).