2018 OMG Steering Committee (click here to view the Steering Committee's meeting minutes)

From left to right:  Lisa McDonald, Dale Miller, Horst Driesner, Tom Hewlett, Suelaine Matthews, Barb Driesner, Bob Biarkis, Betty Sullentrup, Tim Sullentrup (past Steering Committee member), Cindy Ostrander, Mary Borchers, John Borchers (past Steering Committee member), Jim Harriss, Ray Martin, Keith Schoenleber (past Steering Committee member). Not shown:  Steve Horrell, Jeanine Seymore.

The purpose of the OMG Steering Committee is to oversee and communicate the play schedules, activities, and events of the OMG Pickleball Club. 
The Steering Committee members are:  Bob Biarkis, Mary Borchers, Barb Driesner, Horst Driesner, Jim Harriss, Tom Hewlett, Steve Horrell, Ray MartinSuelaine Matthews, Lisa McDonald, Dale Miller, Cindy OstranderJeanine Seymore, and Betty Sullentrup.
The following subcommittees and liaisons oversee the Club's specific needs. 
The OMG Steering Committee meets on a regular basis. Click here to view the Committee's meeting minutes.
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