OMG Pickleball Club 2019 Year in Review

Year 2019 was a great one for the OMG Pickleball Club. Let's take a look back at the year's biggest moments. 

Club Membership

Our Club membership increased by 46.5% from year 2018. As of December 31st, 2019, we have 148 paid OMG Pickleball Club members. 


Plummer Park Pickleball Courts

The construction of 12 pickleball courts in the new Plummer Park began. Our Club started a fundraising initiative to raise funds for the court lighting and shading. With the generous help of 52 Club members and other contributors, our Club raised $38,400 in 2019. We were able to pay for and install the shade infrastructure. We will continue our fundraising initiative until we have the funds for the lights. A special "thank you" to those who have contributed! To learn more about this fundraising initiative and to contribute, click here.

Miner Park Courts

Our Club encouraged and supported the resurfacing of the Miner Park pickleball courts, resulting in two additional pickleball courts for a total of four courts instead of two. 

Safety First!

We created and distributed Emergency Contact Cards for our members and purchased/distributed plastic sleeves to hold them. This contact information is essential in emergency situations. 

Annual Club Member Picnic

The Club's annual summer picnic (the Picklenic) was held on September 8th. A total of 72 people attended. The day was filled with great company, food, and, of course, our beloved pickleball play! Click here to view photos.

SIUE Family Night

On October 18th, various Club members participated in the SIUE Family Night. Click here to view photos.

Club's Christmas Party

On December 12th, the Club member Christmas party was held. A total of 65 people attended.

Enhancing Our Skills
  • Various pickleball lessons were held throughout the year and were facilitated by Bob Biarkis.

  • A total of 60 Play Tips have been created, communicated, and posted on our website. In addition, our OMG Pickleball Club Code of Conduct tips were communicated again. Click here to access the learning page where you can find these tips and other useful information.

  • Drills were created and tested. These drill sessions will begin in 2020 (date TBD).

League Play

During the summer, 48 Club members participated in the 9 week league play where fun and great pickleball was had by all participants.

Mentoring Program

A Mentoring Program was developed and piloted. The Program is designed to provide pickleball play advice, guidance, and feedback. Four people participated in the Pilot program. As a result of these participants' feedback, the Program will be modified for improvement. Other mentoring sessions will occur in 2020 (date TBD).

IPTPA Ratings

In August, our Club became a member of the IPTPA (International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association), and 11 of our Club members were rated. The IPTPA rating is a way for people who do not play in tournaments (and thus do not have a USAPA rating) to be rated. The IPTPA rating gives you a good idea about how your skills rank. It also benefits our Club by allowing open play, ladder leagues, and other activities to be scheduled by skill level. More IPTPA rating sessions will be scheduled in 2020. Click here to learn more about ratings.

Tournament Play

Our Club members participated in 9 tournaments, earning a total of 52 medals. Also, our members participated in the YMCA's Real Dill Pickleball Tournament. Click here to view tournament medalist results.

Promoting the Game
  • In October, various Club members held a pickleball demo at the Goshen Market in an attempt to attract new players.

  • We designed and purchased an OMG Pickleball Club banner. The banner is hung during outside play as a way to advertise the sport and our Club.

  • A bookmark with OMG Pickleball Club information was designed and distributed. This is another form of advertising the sport and our Club.

  • We partnered with the Glen Carbon American Legion for net/ball storage and a social gathering place.

  • The Edwardsville Meyer Center YMCA nets were in poor shape; and as a non-profit organization, they could not afford to purchase new ones. Our Club purchased two rolling nets for the YMCA, and they are awesome!


Community Service

The $515 proceeds raised from our participation in the YMCA's Real Dill Pickleball Tournament went towards a scholarship.

Website Stats & Facebook

Our OMG Pickleball Club website became active in October 2018. As of December 31st, 2019, the site has had 8,605 hits.


In 2019, we created a Club Membership Contact List that can be accessed with a password. Besides the Home page, the most visited pages are OMG Calendar of Event, All Learning Aids, and Plummer Park Pickleball Courts Fundraising.


In addition to our website, we continue to have hits and likes on our One More Game Pickleball Club Facebook site.